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Is posting to your changelog starting to feel like a full-time job?

GitLog automatically imports your pull requests from GitHub, so you have a starting point for each changelog post. Automate your changelog and stop starting over from scratch with each new feature release.

Customers visit your changelog too infrequently to notice your changes.

GitLog allows you to tie your newest feature release to an actual feature request from your users. We help you build brand loyalty by emailing them once the feature they requested has been pushed.

A changelog built for non-technical and technical founders.


You are a marketer and creative. You know the value of content, and your changelog is free content. GitLog helps automate the entire feedback loop from the idea to iteration so you can get back to growing your business and earning more revenue.


You are an engineer and craft code. Anyway you can automate processes to save time checks the boxes for you. GitLog automates and helps you craft perfect changelog posts so you don't have to be a marketing genius.

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